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Try to survive for as long as you can by using your gun's knockback to your advantage.






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This is pretty interesting, I've been working around with the idea of a knockback-based FPS and this is somewhat similar in the base concept but I notice here the same problem as in my game, although it disappeared when I noticed I can just look at the ground when jumping: when trying to boost yourself towards the enemy you need to do a 180 turn and then again, and this is very disorienting and you can hardly be accurate. I'd highly (very highly) suggest you add sound to your game, tough. Any sound! For example, a free click sound effect from the internet when clicking buttons, some self-recorder random sound for shooting or music you made yourself using the FL Studio free trial, may it be good or bad, having sound is pretty necessary for the game not to feel like it's just an abandoned project (well, it probably is, but the graphics are nice and the idea is interesting).

But did you actually implement ledge grabbing? I've tried to use it but it didn't work. Also, it was pretty confusing not to be able to shoot enemies when on the ground, and also not from far away. The game is tough but I felt cool when I got to 400 highscore!

Hey, thanks for taking interest in my game! I did not expect anyone to actually play this, as this was the first Unity game I ever (kind of) finished! 😅

As for the ledge grabbing, that was definitely implemented, but the code was pretty terrible (the code was pretty terrible all round) so I am not surprised it didn't work as intended.

As I am pretty busy with other projects, I doubt I'll ever go back to polish this game up, but I'm eager to see what you come up with, I hope my game helped to inspire you!